Australian Wildlife Adventures

Friday, August 30, 2019

Craig “Hassie” Haslam owns and operates Australian Wildlife Adventures, a tourism company offering customised wildlife experiences. Two years ago Hassie employed Li as part of a plan to increase the company’s access to the Chinese market.

Li was originally employed as part of a program to assist South Australian tourism operators in the lead up to ATE, a major tourism exhibition being held in Adelaide. Since then Li has continued to work for Australian Wildlife Adventures on a part-time causal basis. Hassie has expanded Li’s role over time, moving from developing marketing collateral, translating and maintaining their WeChat account to representing Australian Wildlife Adventures in meetings with Chinese travel agents and accompanying Hassie on tours.

Hassie says “Li has been invaluable in teaching me about the Chinese market”. Longer term Hassie wants to move Li into a permanent role within his company.

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