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Why employ an international student or graduate?

Offering an internship, short-term placement or ongoing employment to an international student or graduate is a fantastic way to widen your talent pool, increase workplace diversity and innovation as well as reach new markets for your business.

Equipped with a world-class South Australian education, an understanding of foreign languages and cultures, and a hard-working ethos, international students and graduates are increasing the capabilities of businesses across our state.

With their post-study work rights, international students can be employed just like a local from the moment they finish their studies.

“I would recommend it to any business as a growth strategy. We have appointed more Chinese interns to help us grow our distribution and develop an online ecommerce presence.”

No costs involved
Employers do not sponsor or pay any visa costs to employ an international graduate, and the StudyAdelaide Employer Portal is a free service.
Seamless recruitment process
It takes no more time or effort to hire an international graduate compared to a local graduate. Recruiting an international graduate through the Employer Portal is a simple three-step process.
Increased workplace cultural diversity
Hailing from more than 130 countries, international students in Adelaide can bring different perspectives, skill sets and experiences to your workplace.
Greater Consumer insights
Understand and connect with your customers on a deeper level, by leveraging the consumer and cultural insights offered by international students and graduates.
Reach new Australian & overseas markets
International students and graduates can make it easier for you to connect to offshore networks and attract new business. For starters, they have foreign language skills.
Boost innovation and problem solving
Employees from diverse backgrounds often think ‘outside the box’ which can drive higher innovation, and lead to faster problem solving.

“We found it extremely reality, it was no different to employing a candidate that was raised in Australia.”

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