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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

About Carnegie Mellon University in Australia

Carnegie Mellon University is an American university established in 1900 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ranked 22 in the world (Times Higher Education, World University Ranking, 2015-16) Carnegie Mellon has been a birthplace of innovation throughout its history and is a global leader in bringing ground-breaking ideas to market and creating successful start-up businesses.

Carnegie Mellon University in Australia forms part of Carnegie Mellon’s global footprint which includes campuses in Silicon Valley, Rwanda and Qatar.

Our graduates are highly sought after, with Carnegie Mellon University ranked #10 in a 2010 Wall Street Journal survey of the Top 25 U.S. universities favoured by graduate recruitment agencies.

Engage with Our Students

Carnegie Mellon University graduates work in influential positions locally and around the world, including in foreign aid and development programs, major corporations and governments, and play a central role in many critical business functions. Our graduates learn these skills through our highly-ranked, internationally recognised masters degree programs which offer a flexible and interdisciplinary approach to examining societal problems from various perspectives. As a result, they learn to use technology, quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as group dynamics to arrive at innovative solutions.

Carnegie Mellon University is an ideal resource for your organisation if you want to access a pool of skilled, knowledgeable individuals to meet your permanent or temporary hiring needs, to host an intern or engage with our highly-qualified students through industry-based project.

Internship Program

  • 7 to12 weeks (full‑time) work experience placement within your organisation

System Synthesis Projects

  • Team‑based 14-week business projects aligned with your organisational goals

Our students have undertaken a variety of projects to date, contributing more than 40,000 hours of pro bono work annually to the local community, valued at more than $3 million.

How Internships and System Synthesis Projects benefit your organisation?

  • Increase Productivity – Opportunity to undertake new or dormant projects hampered by limited resources.
  • Broaden Capabilities – Access to enthusiastic students with skills that you may want to develop in your organisation
  • Increase Enthusiasm and Effectiveness– Students provide fresh ideas, enthusiasm and positive energy
  • Talent Advantage– Gain an employment advantage by identifying future employees
  • Cost Effective– Maximise output at a low cost to your organisation

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