Export Internship Program

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Guidelines for host businesses

The Export Internship Program links bi-lingual international students with local businesses wanting to develop deeper connections with international markets. The program aims to provide local businesses with a broader understanding of international business practices and culture through the intern’s own established connections and experience. The Government of South Australia is working with South Australian universities to engage students and alumni groups, the next generation of business people who will drive future economic development in the state and are important contributors to the overall success of South Australia’s international engagement.


The program is open to existing businesses of all sizes. Businesses must be active in, or seeking to be active in the export marketplace.

Please note that interns do not receive any remuneration for their participation in the export internship program but may receive course credits which will be determined by their host university.

Responsibilities of host business

The host business is required to provide a placement supervisor to provide ongoing direction and feedback to the intern and an appropriate workspace that will include a desk, computer, telephone, stationery and other necessary materials, and induction into the operations of the business, including health and safety requirements. If the intern is gaining course credits from the internship, the host business will need to provide a record of attendance and provide the host university with a written statement of attendance at the conclusion of the internship period.

Responsibilities of Universities

The selection of the intern is the responsibility of the host university; however this can take place in collaboration with the host business including a recruitment and selection process. The host university will ensure that the selected intern is actively enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate program at a South Australian higher education provider. The university will also ensure that the selected intern is bi-lingual, has excellent verbal and written communication skills, has the ability to work independently to tight deadlines, and is highly motivated and passionate about learning. The host university is responsible for providing public liability, travel and personal accident insurance to the intern. The university is not liable for any negligent act of omission on the part of the host business that results in injury to, or loss or damage of personal property of an intern.

State Government role

The South Australian Government will play a facilitation role in identifying potential businesses interested in hosting interns from the South Australian universities.


The intern will spend a maximum of 20 business days with the host employer over a period of 10-16 weeks. The 20 days can be completed part time during official university study periods, or full-time during university holidays. The actual dates are to be negotiated between the host business and the intern.



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