Flinders University

Flinders University Careers and Employer Liaison Centre is here to help you connect with our students and graduates.

The Careers and Employer Liaison Centre has a specialist employer engagement team responsible for building relationships with the business, not for profit and the public sectors to facilitate the professional skill development and employment of our students and recent graduates – the future workforce.

Flinders University aims to be the source of Australia’s most enterprising graduates, who have a strong sense of integrity, courage, innovation and excellence.

We provide a variety of opportunities for you to connect with students:


  • Advertise your vacancy
  • Send targeted email/mail outs to students
  • Raise your profile
  • Let us deliver customised employment support


  • Invite students to gain experience by involving them in your work and project delivery
  • Contribute to the development of student’s work readiness
  • Let us customise engagement opportunities for you


  • Support a student
  • Share your experiences
  • Let us customise the support you offer

WorkReady Internships

Support students whilst gaining benefits for your organisation.

Access new ideas, perspective and energy by hosting a Flinders University student through the WorkReady Internship Program.

Internships are work experience placements offering professional development learning outside of the traditional classroom environment. You are able to bring talented and productive students into your workplace with ease.

Flinders Graduate Qualities

Flinders University aims to inspire its students to achieve at the highest possible level, and to go beyond the familiar and achieve the extraordinary.

Our graduates:

  • are knowledgeable
  • can apply their knowledge
  • communicate effectively
  • work independently
  • are collaborative
  • value ethical behaviour
  • connect across boundaries

Our courses are informed by the needs of industry and employers to deliver graduates who meet the requirements of tomorrow’s workforce.

Why employ an international student or graduate?
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Why employ an international student or graduate?
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