International College of Hotel Management (ICHM)

Established in 1992 in partnership with Swiss Hotel Association (SHA) and the South Australian Government, the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM) prepares students for a successful career at the top end of the international hotel industry.

To complete their single or double degree programs students spend six months each year studying full-time on the campus; the second six months of each year they are sent for industry placements throughout Australia, or on occasion, overseas.

Industry Partners

Based on their Swiss Hotel Association heritage, ICHM maintains strong industry links that are vital to maintaining our high standards and relevance. Industry placements are a critical component of the ICHM hospitality management degree courses, providing students with significant industry experience and knowledge. ICHM’s Industry Training and Development (ITD) team maintain close links with hotels, resorts and other hospitality management related providers worldwide to facilitate the placements.

Industry Placements

Whilst ICHM works very closely with large international hotel chains, students are also placed in a number of other hospitality related businesses, including convention centres, small boutique hotels, resorts, and wineries. These businesses can provide extremely valuable undergraduate experiences; particularly if they engage in things such as functions and events beyond their day to day operations.

In each case, ICHM aims to find industry placements for all students in positions deemed suitable to fulfil the requirements of the course.

ICHM’s ITD Managers will assess employer projects and positions at suitable organisations; if a student meets the business’s requirements the ITD Managers formally apply on their behalf.

Selection requirements will vary across businesses, with some requiring a face to face interview while others can complete the process over the phone or online, with the business having the final decision on employment. It is important that students learn the industry from the ground up and understand that a good manager has a broad understanding of core operations through multi-skilling. As a result, most industry placement positions are entry level, allowing students to learn as much as possible about the “why” and “how” of operations.

It is ICHM’s preferred policy to place students in paid positions.

While on placement, students are expected to observe, understand, question and analyse all aspects of the business from their insider vantage point. By applying lateral thinking and course knowledge, students should also identify and prepare strategies for operational improvements.

Some businesses will rotate students through a variety of positions, while others prefer students to remain within one department.

Why employ an international student or graduate?
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Why employ an international student or graduate?
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