South Australian Tourism Operators

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Tourism operators know that when entering a new market they first need to understand what the market wants. To accelerate this process for the China market, South Australian tourism operators were matched with a Chinese student in the lead up to the 2018 Australian Tourism Exchange (ATE). ATE is the nation’s largest annual travel and tourism business-to-business event, drawing over 700 buyer delegates from over 30 countries.

Students had paid roles in the business for three months in the lead up to ATE. Students worked alongside the business owners establishing social media channels, developing new products for the China market, conducting market research and translating marketing materials. At ATE, students represented the businesses to buyer, gaining experience conducting business meetings and promoting tourism products.

The businesses had the advantage of an employee with both cultural and market insights as well as deep knowledge of their tourism product. Two of the tourism businesses, Getaways SA and Majestic Hotels explain the benefits of employing an international student.

This project was delivered in partnership by StudyAdelaide and South Australian Tourism Commission.

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