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Every year, more than 40,000 students from 120+ countries choose to study, live and work in Adelaide.

Collectively, they are ambassadors for our state, influencing friends and family to visit and invest in South Australia and consume our products and services.

As well as helping to drive economic growth while they study, many are also interested in sharing their knowledge and skills by gaining post-study work experience once they graduate.

Equipped with a world-class education, an innate understanding of foreign cultures and languages, and a hard-working ethos, international students and graduates are increasing the capabilities of businesses across our state.

The StudyAdelaide Employer Portal was established to help you widen your talent pool, increase workplace diversity and reach new markets for your business by unlocking the potential of international students and graduates.

How to use the StudyAdelaide Employer Portal

Recruiting an international student or graduate through the StudyAdelaide Employer Portal is a simple, three-step process.

Step 1 - register your interest on the Employer Portal.

Step 2 - your registration is sent to our education providers, who will contact you to help recruit the right international student to meet your needs.

Step 3 - the providers will find the best way to connect you to suitable international students and graduates. You can then arrange an interview and get started!

This service is offered to businesses - as well as students and graduates - free of charge.

Why register for the StudyAdelaide Employer Portal?

South Australia's future lies in global connections.

From established engineering firms to small-scale tourism operators; IT contractors to independent marketing agencies, businesses that choose to employ international students or graduates can widen their talent pool, increase workplace diversity and reach new markets.

The types of roles and projects that an international student or graduate could undertake for your business is endless.

Even the smallest of businesses can benefit from:

  • Foreign language skills enabling you to talk to your target market
  • An understanding of social media platforms relevant to the market
  • Marketing skills and cultural diversity
  • Consumer insights enabling you to understand and connect with your customer better
  • Connections to offshore networks to attract new business; and
  • Innovation skils, different perspectives and fresh ideas.
Why employ an international student or graduate?
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Ready to register?

Register now to be connected, free of charge, with an international student or graduate for your business. To request more information before registering, contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.