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Friday, October 7, 2016

UCL brings a unique internationally connected educational experience to Australia with a specialist focus on education in the global critical field of energy and resources. UCL Australia, is focused on education and research in sustainable management and use of minerals, energy and natural resources; all of which are crucial for global development.

In the field of natural resources, UCL Australia focusses on the management of petroleum, water, renewable energy, nuclear and uranium, marine environments, minerals and the issue of climate change.

There are lots of good graduates from good universities. What’s so special about those from UCL Australia?

There are some things you’d expect from every top university: high entry standards, high standards of teaching, high standards of examination.

UCL Australia graduates offer you more in 4 ways:

     Systemic thinking and problem solving       UCL-01-head-image           

Whether our graduates  pursue a career in the Energy and Resources sector or not, the ability to analyse a problem and logically lead to a solution is invaluable in many careers.

Practical experienceUCL-02-spanner-image

Our Masters in Energy and Resources management brings a systems approach with the appliance of science to the real world.  Our students will be working on    practical projects all the way through their course.

Teamwork UCL-03-teamwork-image

Related to the last point, and of great importance to employers, students get used to working with others right from the start.

  Big Ideas            ucl-04-big-ideas-image

Students are encouraged to change the world – to extend themselves and to make a real difference.  There’s nothing run-of-the-mill about our graduates.

Our students also have the option of doing an industry focussed research project. This gives them exposure to an organisation – and gives the organisation the opportunity to learn more about the student. Many of our industry partners have gone on to employ UCL Australia graduates.

In 2015 UCL FES and UniSA signed an agreement committing the two institutions to work together in the Future Industries Institute (FII) developing teaching and research in London and South Australia, in fields that include: minerals processing, advanced manufacturing, sustainable future energy production and protection and care of the environment.

We are currently in the process of finalising exciting, new, dual-hemisphere programmes which we will be releasing shortly.


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